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A group of Chandos employees sitting at a table in a bright meeting room discussing work.


How we build together is what separates a good project from a great one. 

We’re in it with you before construction even starts.

As a general contractor we work with clients, trade partners, and consultants to build trust. We support early engagement of all stakeholders which leads to more efficiency, cost savings, and a much better working experience for everyone.

Setting a project up for success.

The work, analysis, and relationship-building done beforehand is crucial. It sets up your path to project success. Budgeting. Scheduling. Project function. Aesthetic requirements. Facility enhancements. These are just some of the items that our team focuses on to come up with innovative solutions that will surpass your expectations and give you peace of mind.


How we build

By utilizing the expertise of hundreds of construction professionals and trade partners from across the country; our continuous improvement initiatives and solutions; and lessons learned in the field, we're able to offer the best solutions for our clients.

We pull in our resources, tap into our collective competence, align with your needs, and are there with you for every step of the journey.