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For us, inclusion is the norm.

Inclusive hiring nurtures diverse talent. It attracts women, Indigenous peoples, new Canadians, LGBTQ2S+ and youth to the construction industry.

We know that there are untapped sources of talent in every crevice. Everyone deserves a fair shot. That’s why we’re honoured to work with social enterprises and other organizations to provide opportunities that can lead to lasting careers.

We hire hard working people from Building Up in Toronto, Momentum in Calgary, EMBERS in Vancouver and Women Building Futures in Edmonton. These social enterprises help people facing barriers to find employment and keep meaningful jobs. Many of these people are still with us today, in permanent, full-time roles. The impact is mutual. We receive new perspectives and ambitious employees while individuals, families and communities’ benefit from improved opportunities.

We recently participated in B Corp’s Inclusive Economy Challenge with set goals to further our efforts on diversity, equity and inclusion. Examples of our improved approach include initiating a Lean-In women’s affinity group; providing cultural awareness and unconscious bias training to staff; and taking steps to hire and promote women into roles that are traditionally male dominated.

We are also supporters of indigenous entrepreneurship. Whether it's through employee and partner relations, or through community initiatives, we strive to strengthen our ties, create prosperity, help develop local economies, and honour local cultures.

We are above the standard benchmark for the percentage of women, at-risk youth and indigenous peoples represented in the construction industry, but our goal is to align with Canada’s employment standards across all industries. Because when you look out on our city streets, you see the incredible diversity that makes us Canadian. And having these values reflected in our workforce helps us accurately represent our country.