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Tom Redl and Dan O'Brien fishing off a dock on Chandos Lake.

Our Story

We were established in 1980. And have since become one of North America’s most collaborative and innovative national technical builders.

Let's take it back to the beginning.

When our co-founders launched Chandos construction, they had a vision to build a construction company that would lead change in the Canadian construction industry. And, be a business that balances both profits and people.

Dan O'Brien looking out onto Chandos Lake. From Chandos Lake

Our founders wanted to create something different. They even steered away from using a traditional construction company name. Instead, they opted to title the business after Chandos Lake – a body of water belonging to Ontario’s Kawartha Highlands - a place that had a history in both of their upbringings.

Three Chandos employees discussing work in a bright room. To National Presence

What started out as a company with a single office, turned into one with 700 employees in seven locations across Canada: Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Kelowna, Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa. Chandos is 100 per cent employee owned and the first and largest B Corp certified national technical builder in North America.

Building Together

Chandos’ co-founder, Dan O'Brien, and Executive Chair, Tom Redl, visit Chandos Lake to talk past, present, and future.

They also share the meaning behind our values - inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and courage- and the secret to our steady growth. 


Our Awards

We're honoured to be recognized for our dedication to making the world a better place. This purpose was conceived from the very beginning, and will always be part of our company mission.