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Lean Construction

Focusing on continuous improvement and value creation for all stakeholders. We offer more value by constantly testing our approach.


Continuous improvement

Lean construction is the never-ending drive for perfection. It centers on continuous improvement and respect for people. Our clients and partners should expect to receive exactly what they require, when they require it, and with the highest degree of quality. Read our blog on continous improvement.

What is lean?

Our lean practice is based on making continuous incremental improvements. It’s a proactive approach to maximizing value; typically, in the form of innovation and waste reduction. Based around respect for people, it includes operational research, development, and the adoption of efficient principles and processes into a project – from start to finish.

2-Second Lean

The book 2-Second Lean, by Paul Akers, has become a foundation for creating and maintaining our continuous improvement culture. It is based on three simple steps: fix what bugs you; take a video highlighting your improvement; and share it with the rest of the company - to help everyone improve. 

Last Planner

This work-flow process is designed to improve productivity through strict scheduling and detailed group planning. Last Planner can be used as a template on how to efficiently manage and successfully run a construction project. 


Leading with lean

We know standardization is essential for success. Which is why all of our sites - from Vancouver to Ottawa - use the same pull planning, issue board, and daily meeting tools to manage schedules and keep work flowing seamlessly from one diverse team to another. When one of us finds a better way of working, we test, validate, and iterate. 


Lean in practice