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Three Chandos employees chatting in the Edmonton office.

Beneficial Corporation

We are the first and largest B Corp certified national technical builder in North America, meaning we put our values at the centre of everything we do.

A B Corp certified company is one that’s committed to and continually meets rigorous standards of social and environmental accountability, public transparency, and legal responsibility. ‘B Corp’ is the only certification that measures a company’s entire performance and evaluates how its operations, business model, and profits affect employees, the environment, customers, and the community. 

A female Chandos construction labourer working on site. Our score

Our B Corp score is 158. We score highest in the environment and worker categories. Being B Corp certified is one of the ways we uphold the highest standards that our founders built our organization on. This is what drives us as we continue to work towards reaching our goal of 135.

Three Chandos employees discussing work in a bright room. Continual Commitment

We’ve established an impact team tasked with monitoring our B Corp initiatives and finding areas for improvement. Over the next three years, we're focusing on improving diversity and inclusion within our organization, reducing the impact our sites have on the environment, and increasing our social procurement practices.

Two Chandos construction employees discussing a project on site. Best for the World™ B Corps of 2022

The Best for the World are B Corps whose scores in one or more of the five impact areas - workers, environment, governance, community, and customers - reach the top 5 per cent of all B Corps worldwide. We've been recognized four times for our efforts in the worker category.

Two Chandos construction employees discussing a project on site.

This is how we build

Our values are in everything we do. Inclusive. Collaborative. Innovative. Courageous. We don't just believe these things. We live them everyday. 

We're dedicated to providing our employees with the best opportunities, and pay 100 per cent of our employees a living wage.

Working together to build a better world, our teams speak about how we are contributing. 

We continuously innovate by championing collaborative construction - leading to more efficiency, cost savings, and a much better working experience for everyone.