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A women and a man on construction site, using design technology to virtually see completed utilities.


We use the latest technology to solve potential issues early on, and eliminate extra costs and downtime.


Efficient builds

Our teams can implement innovative processes that offer a more accurate exchange of information, improve coordination, and increase productivity on projects. This results in thorough and efficient builds.

Two Chandos construction workers reviewing plans and using surveying equipment Our VDC Team

Our virtual design and construction (VDC) team creates information models of the built environment. This provides stakeholders with a clear visual of how a project will develop sequentially. Being able to prototype at an early stage avoids wasteful and costly rework.

A BIM (building information modeling) drawing of a Chandos construction work site. What is BIM?

Building information modelling (BIM) is a platform that builds an object with associated information. VDC uses BIM models to plan the construction process from beginning to end. No matter the size of a project, BIM helps us deliver durable buildings more quickly with savings passed on to customers.

Using technology, shown in red overtop of the original picture, to analyze a design under construction. Digital Pre-Fabrication

This innovative tool uses digitized information to facilitate manufacturing of materials or assemblies - such as, sheet metal fabrication, structural steel fabrication, pipe cutting, and prototyping. The process saves time; reduces waste; increases productivity and safety; and accommodates design changes. 


Build for our planet

By using innovative technology, we've been able to achieve significant reductions in the amount of carbon being emitted on jobsites. And work towards a net-zero future. Read More. 

Using technology, shown in red overtop of the original picture, to analyze a design under construction.

The power of innovation

Having instant access to project progress and collaborating on virtual models to test ideas assures teams stay on track and choose the best solution possible. 

Our VDC team has set the standard of what can be achieved once inclusion becomes a conscious and strategic part of team-building.

Having an environment that promotes diverse thinking, has allowed them to optimize project results and fine-tune skills - which has trickled down to benefit clients.