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First Nations Technical Institute

In 2020, a fire destroyed the original WWII-era airport hangar that was used to house the First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI) aircraft fleet. Our team partnered with the school to build a new 50,000 sq. ft. hangar. This facility will store up to 16 Cessna airplanes.

The project includes a large pre-fabricated building shell and shallow foundations tied into the bedrock to support the structure.  Our team will install new exterior doors, windows, bi-fold hangar doors, and rainwater drainage. Additionally, we discovered that the existing septic system could not connect to the new building. To resolve this, the team aligned new inverts with the existing system, ensuring proper connection and allowing for future upgrades.

During construction, our team provided layout assistance to the rock anchor supplier. Using virtual design construction (VDC), we identified inconsistent dimensions for the rock anchors that would affect us properly laying out the building on the site.  By modeling the rock anchors and rebar and verifying the foundation layout, we proactively uncovered a significant issue with the anchor locations. There was insufficient space within the concrete for the required rebar. Catching this problem early prevented delays, redesigns, and rework that would have occurred if the issue had gone unnoticed until the formwork for the foundation was in place.

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