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Three Chandos construction workers looking onto their site, wearing vests that read

Integrated Project Delivery

We're one of the Canadian pioneers behind this disruptive building method.

Maximize Value, Minimize Risk

By optimizing early engagement from all stakeholders - trade partners, architects, owners, and contractors - IPD creates a much deeper level of collaboration. It naturally fosters efficiency, innovation and goal alignment. Read more.

A photo of a firetruck parked in the Oakville Fire Station in Toronto, Ontario. We've completed more IPD projects than any other contractor in the country.

A pair of park benches in the center of a building complex. Our teams have accumulated over 11 million dollars in cost savings. And 12 months worth of saved time.

A center shot of a bright white hallway with multiple doors on each side. Consistently, partners across all of our IPD projects would like to do it again. 

Delivering in IPD

From start to finish, an integrated project differs from a traditional one.

For example, design decisions are moved to the beginning phases of a project - where they can be more effective and less costly. In doing this - and implementing early team engagement - the project has a higher level of completion prior to pre-construction. Reducing time and increasing savings. 


Traditional vs IPD delivery

The project delivery method is the single greatest determinant of success - in terms of cost control, quality of work, schedule, performance and positive social impact. See how IPD compares to other delivery methods.

A center shot of a bright white hallway with multiple doors on each side.

IPD projects



“Traditional methods still have their place in the industry; however, I can’t imagine using them for complex projects again. IPD solved the problems traditional contracts inherently have through true collaboration. Meaningful early involvement from the builders and open-minded consultants is the key to success. When we share risks and rewards and act as one - the project benefits.” 

Matt Kachel, Eng. L, AScT. Capital Projects Supervisor City of Kamloops