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Social Procurement

Working together, we can use our supply chains to make purchases and create partnerships that benefit society.

Your purchases have more power than you think.

The demand for infrastructure investments to include community benefits are increasing across Canada, making social procurement an important consideration for your capital project requirements. When you include social value criteria in your procurement policy, you're supporting companies that use their profits to build a better society without having to spend more. 

1.4 billion dollars of social value

That's the potential impact the construction industry could make by committing just one per cent of it's $140 billion of spend to social procurement.

What is social procurement?

Social procurement is the practice of procuring products and services from organizations that make a direct and positive social and environmental contribution to the local economy.

Our Strategy

We are committed to use our addressable spend to social enterprises, diverse-owned businesses, and other impact organizations. 

Get started today

Why? Because every business can, and should, make the world a better place. Check out Buy Social Canada's Guide to Social Procurement in Construction and Infrastructure Projects.

We continue to look at all ways we can use our business to make a positive impact on the world. When we partner together our teams feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves and we receive new perspectives and ambitious employees while individuals, families, and communities benefit. We believe that empowering a more diverse workforce and supporting people from under-represented populations is not just good social responsibility, it’s good for business. And the impact is mutual.

Through social procurement we use our labour force to:

  • provide employment opportunities for local people from equity seeking groups
  • expand diversity in local businesses
  • reduce poverty and strain on the Canadian social system
  • provide work, offer skills training, and pay fair wages to people from equity seeking groups
  • support business that are working towards the goals of the Paris climate agreement

Learn about recent projects

There are thousands of people out there who just need a chance and we’re committed to investing in the communities we build in, helping people facing barriers find employment and keep meaningful jobs.