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Every business can, and should, make the world a better place.

We’re always looking at ways we can use our business to make a positive impact on the world. By 2025 at least 5 per cent of Chandos' addressable spend will shift to social impact organizations including social enterprise, fellow B Corp Certified companies, Indigenous businesses, and other diverse-owned businesses. Empowering a more diverse supply chain and supporting people from equity-seeking groups isn't just good for society, it's good for business.

What is social procurement?

Social procurement is the practice of procuring products and services from organizations that make a direct and positive social and environmental contribution to the local economy. Why? Because every business can, and should, make the world a better place. 

To be effective, social procurement models need to be:

  • Designed collaboratively with all the key project partners at the table;
  • Contain process recommendations; and
  • Have outcomes that are aspirational, realistic, and measurable.

Your purchases have more power than you think. Supporting companies that use their profits to build a better society creates value and economic opportunities for everyone involved-developers, contractors, local suppliers and the community. By working closely with these social enterprises, you can leave a lasting impact on the economy, the environment, and the community. Chandos continues to work with social enterprises like Embers in Vancouver and Women Building Futures in Edmonton, we've helped hundreds of people on their journey to full-time employment.

Watch and learn more about inclusive hiring and our partnership with Embers. 

"Why wouldn't we hire through social enterprises and change a life at the same time?" - Tim Coldwell, President, Chandos Construction

As a B Corp, we continue to look at all the ways we can use our business to make a positive impact on the world. We believe that empowering a more diverse workforce and supporting people from under-represented populations is not just good social responsibility, it’s good for business. And the impact is mutual. When we partner together our teams feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves and we receive new perspectives and ambitious employees while individuals, families, and communities benefit.

Our strategy allows us to:

  • provide employment opportunities for local people
  • expand diversity in local businesses
  • reduce poverty
  • utilize first source hiring
  • eliminate social isolation and incorporate local purchasing
  • secure work, offer skills training and provide fair wages to underrepresented groups

Working together, we can leave lasting impressions on the people and places where we build.