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We learn from each other.

Collaboration is engrained in our values and we are helping to steer the industry towards this inclusive construction method. By bringing together architects, sub-trades and consultants, we work to create certainty of outcome and deliver exceptional value. 

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is the foundation of collaborative construction. The innovative building method relies on early engagement from all stakeholders and improves efficiency. On a traditional project, for example, the design is completed, and the delivery team is procured under separate contracts. With IPD however, collaboration from the onset - between owners, designers and contractors - is central to project success. It allows for earlier identification of potential problems, maximizes value and minimizes overall project risk.

Our collaborative approach brings together diverse teams to work collectively. Together, we find innovative building and construction solutions - teams are aligned and work towards a common goal. Plus, teams can give back to the broader community by sourcing local labour and partnering with vendors that are socially and environmentally responsible.