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SFU Stadium Upgrades

This construction management project includes updates to 1,800 seats; the additon of a canopy over a portion of the seats; washroom facilities; a press box; landscaping including ramps; and ancillary work necessary to support the construction of the new stadium facilities. This project also consists of the installation of CLT on the roof canopy above the spectator bleachers complete with a stained finish underneath.  

The surrounding buildings and public sites are still in regular use and will remain operational. The limited access and laydown area on site have been challenging; however, the implementation of lean construction principles - such as Just-In-Time deliveries - have helped the team resolve the lack of laydown space. Additionally, some work is being completed outside of regular working hours, and restrictions on noisy or disruptive work during some hours of the day are in place.

In order to ensure the safety of the building occupants and general public, our team conducted a thorough site safety analysis and implemented a project execution and site safety plan. This includes appropriate delineation of the work area, hoarding, site security, carefully planned shutdowns and a detailed communication plan with facility personnel. 

The upgraded stadium will enhance the student experience, providing a facility to host concerts or other events, provide a space for student orientation, accommodate large-scale tournaments and recreational events, and serve as outdoor leisure seating for the campus community. 


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