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Maple Grove Elementary Replacement School

This project involved of the construction of a two-storey elementary school located west of the existing, occupied school.

In order to eliminate disruptions and ensure site safety, our team utilized innovative systems and construction management techniques. In addition to installing 24/7 live monitoring security cameras, creating and distributing detailed site utilization and delivery maps to all project members, our team also sequenced all work carefully prior to mobilizing work on the site. This sequencing plan was created through the use of BIM and virtual design. It allowed the entire project team to visualize the execution of work in “real life” and reduce any issues before stepping foot on site. 

The work located closest to the existing school was completed first while the school was vacant due to summer break. This allowed our team to construct the south side of the school without any disturbances. Once that was completed, the hoarding was put back into place. The team was then able to construct the north side of the school with minimal impact once the the students returned. 

This was our first project with the Vancouver School Board. We have a collaborative and welcoming relationship with the client and the school. Our team has conducted multiple presentations during assemblies and visited classes to inform and educate the students about the ongoing construction. This has inspired the students to learn more about the industry and created an approachable environment.


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