The concepts of lean production aren’t complicated, but they can be difficult. We start by designing and implementing an effective process for seeing and removing constraints and waste, allowing a path to optimization of value to emerge. The key here is to involve the entire team so everyone sees the “whole picture” and not just a little corner of it. The most common trap that contractors fall into is a burning desire to start with the tools. Once we learn about the bigger picture goals of lean and how to make reliable promises, we can teach the fundamentals. Lean is about two things:

  1. Respect for People
  2. Continuous Improvement

Once we learn how to see waste, we need to focus on means instead of ends. When looking at a problem, we can use the 5 Whys to get to the root cause. These concepts and tools are deceptively simple. Success requires a level of discipline that is rarely practiced in our industry. It’s about getting people to do it and that is rooted in lean culture. Chandos has developed the Chandos Production System which is used for scheduling and production planning on 100% of our projects.

Downtime: Eight Wastes (PDF)