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Net Zero by 2040

We looked at the footprint our company is leaving on the planet. And have committed to being net zero by 2040. 

Our Planet. Our Responsibility.

To kick start our ambitious plan, we've purchased UN-certified carbon credits to offset the emissions generated by our 2020 operations. But there is more to do.


GHG emissions

We estimate that across our operations and project portfolio we are responsible for more than 160,000 tonnes of embodied carbon each year. Our carbon reduction plan will focus on an annual reduction of carbon intensity by 15 per cent.

Waste diversion

For the past two years, we have diverted 76 per cent of waste across all active sites. We've done this by recycling as many wood, concrete, paper, plastic, metal, and drywall remnants as possible. Our goal is to divert 80 per cent of waste on all sites in 2022. 

Carbon offsets

This year, we purchased carbon offsets for 5,700 tonnes of emissions from our 2020 operations. Our offsets are issued by the United Nations as Certified Reduction Emissions (CER) units and will help fund global sustainable development projects.


Our Plan

Our 2022 carbon reduction action plan includes shifting from diesel to electric equipment and vehicles, enhancing our use of virtual design and construction, improving our waste diversion, partnering with clients to reduce operational emissions, and working with suppliers to reduce embodied carbon.

Chandos operations

Our equipment and fleet will transition to be low-carbon and electric powered. We will continue to transition the power used on our job sites across the country to clean energy and continue to maximize waste diversion opportunities. We're evaluating all processes from a climate change lens, making incremental improvements like digitizing our accounting.

Carbon planning

According to the latest United Nations data, 28 per cent of harmful GHG emissions comes from building operations. Our construction teams will work with our clients to minimize the footprint of their buildings after occupancy. Project kickoffs will include a workshop to set carbon reduction goals, implement tools, and establish a thorough plan.

Buying decisions

Embodied carbon in buildings is expected to become half of GHG emissions by 2050. This means changes must occur across the entire construction supply chain. Chandos will embed carbon emission criteria into our buying decisions. We will work with trade partners and suppliers to share best practices and reduce embodied carbon in processes and materials. 

Renewable Energy

We're planning to use solar power on our jobsites. A pilot is currently underway in Drayton Valley, AB where panels will supply power for the last nine months of construction. We also used solar power in our build of the Blatchford District Energy System

Virtual Design and Construction

Our VDC team has been instrumental in helping us reduce carbon emissions. Through the use of BIM technology, we've eliminated close to 5,300 kg of carbon emissions from the atmosphere on three different projects. 

Forest B

Along with planting 6,900 trees next year, we've also partnered with other B Corps to create our own old growth forest of the future - Forest B. Spread across 25 hectares, the project will restore fallow agricultural land with the planting of 57,000 trees of varied species.


Let's Do It Together

Achieving net-zero emissions will not be possible without long-term partnerships and commitments. We have to be in alignment with our supply chain. And are calling on leadership from contractors, owners, designers, trades, and material suppliers to join us in building a better world.

Ensuring that a business is both ethical and sustainable changes depending on where in the world it operates.

For us, the pressure is on to demonstrate that alongside sustainability and an inclusive supply chain, reconciliation with Indigenous people is at the forefront of our operations. 

We believe that contractors have a wider responsibility beyond carrying out construction plans, and as our president Tim Coldwell says, "they can really move the needle on social issues."


Our Climate Ambassadors

Tim Coldwell | President

Climate Leader

Tim is responsible for oversight of our climate strategy and plan. He is the executive ambassador for carbon reduction in the organization, working with senior leaders, partners, and clients to champion carbon reduction and identify strategic opportunities. 

Contact Tim

Jen Hancock | Vice president of collaborative construction

Climate Activator

Jen has oversight for the execution of the climate plan. She supports clients and project teams as they establish carbon and waste reduction plans and is responsible for managing our corporate emissions tracking and offset strategy. Jen is a climate ambassador within the organization. 

Contact Jen

Jack Statham | Continuous improvement coordinator

Climate Advisor

In his role as a continuous improvement coordinator, Jack advises project teams on how to reduce carbon and waste across the lifecycle of the project. He provides project level dashboards and tracking to help teams identify gaps as they work towards meeting their goals. 

Contact Jack

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