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Celebrating our team: Chandos awards 2023

From coast to coast, our teams work daily to build better communities both on site and in offices. We’re not shy to recognize our team members for the amazing work they do, and we encourage each other to pursue professional passions.

Every year we ask our teams to nominate their coworkers and team achievements during the Chandos Awards season! Please join us in celebrating our winners and all their achievements throughout the past year.

Craft worker award:

Criteria: The Craft Worker Award recognizes the exemplary quality, productivity, safety, teamwork, leadership, and attitude of an employee. Our craft workers perform a wide variety of tasks, and this award focuses on highlighting a team member whose continued focus on developing their skills has inspired those around them.

Winner: Jim Steward, journeyman carpenter

Team: Edmonton

Nomination from coworkers: “Jim is one of the hardest workers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is the kind of person you'd want to be in the trenches with during the hard days and the good days. He has an infectious charisma and is an outstanding teammate and is an outstanding teammate." Adam Bradley, Superintendent

Innovation award:

The Innovation Award recognizes an employee’s focus on continuous improvement and innovation. This is about more than a set of tools or processes to improve productivity; it’s a never-ending drive for perfection, in everything they do, through continuous improvements to products, services, or processes.

Winner: Mathew Chrystian, project director

Team: Special Services Group, Vancouver

Quote: "I've worked with Chandos for six years now, and I can still remember back to my first weeks when Tim Coldwell said Chandos doesn't want to be a company where you turn to page 1000 and line number seven, and that's how you start your day. Obviously, there's a need for some processes to keep our company on the road, but at the end of the day, we need to leave room for enterprising people who continuously are looking to make things better. Honestly, that's the main reason why I work here." Mat Chrystian, project director, SSG

Safety Award:

The Safety Award is intended to recognize safety leaders who go beyond procedures and rules. They are team members that focus on the safety of a worksite and ensuring, above all, safety is put first. Our teams take pride in ensuring their job sites are clean, organized, and stocked with the correct tools.

Winner: Jenna Hall, journeyman carpenter

Team: Edmonton

Nomination from coworkers: "Jenna leads our team by far in near miss reporting and correcting unsafe conditions. She provides excellent detailed inspections on site and always seems to be willing to look for a safer solution." Lucas Kotowitch, superintendent

Leadership award:

The Leadership Award recognizes employees who go above and beyond to empower others, align teams, execute with excellence, and truly live Chandos values. A leader at Chandos works to bring together team members, partners, and clients to deliver on project promises. This year, we received 100 nominations for this award. We are proud to see so many team members nominating others as leaders within Chandos.

Winner: Daniel Doyle, project manager

Team Special Services Group, Calgary

Quote: “I started as a project coordinator with Chandos in 2017. With the support of the team, I was able to step into a project manager position in 2021 and get the opportunity to start leading my own team.” Daniel Doyle, SSG project manager.

This opportunity has given me a new sense of purpose. Seeing my team grow and succeed has been the most rewarding part of working at Chandos. I like knowing that the culture our team has developed results in the improvement of everyone’s individual capabilities and contributes to helping Chandos grow as an organization.” Daniel Doyle, project manager, SSG. 

Darin Bibby community award:

The Darin Bibby community service award honours a social contributor that makes a difference in our community. This is someone who gives back generously by volunteering and being proactive in community engagement. Demonstrating that their actions are making a positive social impact.

Winner: John Kyle, general superintendent

Team: Calgary

Quote: “On April 19th, 2022, two young Ukrainians arrived in Calgary, in search of a new life for them and their families. They contacted my wife earlier, asking if we could help them when they arrived in Calgary because they didn’t know anyone here. 28:44

“One small act can have such an enormous impact. I share with all those who give back and strive to make a difference.”  

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