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Bonnie Doon Leisure Centre

Bonnie Doon is an indoor pool originally built in the mid 1960’s. The facility has undergone a number of modifications over its life but was due for a major interior and exterior modernization, as well as a removal and replacement of the pool mechanical and electrical systems.

Technically, this project was complex particularly because it was an older building. However, through the use of our Risk Management System, the project team anticipated issues and worked collaboratively to ensure these risks were mitigated. The biggest challenge was working with an older structure as they contain components that are likely to be unforeseen until all of the layers are peeled back and the underlying substrates exposed.

Our team also developed a safety protocol that allowed them to walk through the pool and deck barefoot to identify any 'sharps' and misaligned tile before we committed to pouring 600,000 litres of water.

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With newly installed, and modern, mechanical and electrical systems, the building became a lot more energy efficient.

We also focused on expediting the construction schedule as much as possible in order to reduce pool down time. 

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