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Seed n Salt

Seed n Salt is a restaurant franchise known for healthy delicious food and a comfortable dining atmosphere. Our national special services group (SSG) partnered with the brand to open a new location in Calgary, Alberta.

The project required a complete fit out of a 2,500 sq. ft. unit which was challenging due to the limited space for storage.  The construction team used collaborative construction techniques, holding weekly meetings to mitigate potential changes, using on principles of collaborative construction. The project is located in downtown Calgary on the mainfloor of a 40 story tower. Logistics around a fully occupied tower, noise constraints, deliveries and pick ups had to be coordinated around base building management requirements to ensure this was a success for all parties and minimal impacts on base building day to day operations.

The team collaborated with the kitchen equipment contractor and owner to plan and design a new kitchen design that would both fit the space and suit the owners specific requirements.  

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