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HSBC Building Skylight and Barrel Vault Glazing Restoration

This project involves the renovation of a 5,000 sq. ft. office building located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Our national special service group (SSG) team was the perfect fit for this job as it requires quick mobility and working around occupied spaces.

The project scope included the removal of existing glazing from the 3rd to 6th levels as well as the 22nd level to the roof.

As the building is located in central downtown, logistics were a critical factor. Chandos reviewed and created a detailed schedule and plan in direct collaboration with skilled glazing and scaffolding trades. This plan minimizes disruption to the surrounding area as it allows pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicle access throughout construction. Material deliveries, scaffolding, and hoarding have all been carefully planned out to ensure the safety of building occupants and passersby.

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