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Canadian Wilds

The Calgary Zoo, originally developed in the 1920s with occasional updates throughout the park, was due for significant upgrades to the Canadian Wilds habitat. We partnered with the Calgary Zoo, Group2 Architecture, and our subtrade partners to revitalize the exhibit using integrated project delivery (IPD). 

The project aimed to enhance visitors' experience and education on biodiversity while also providing the best quality of life for the animals by ensuring the environment can be maintained. The work focused on upgrading the caribou, and whooping crane habitats, and constructing a new stunning polar bear habitat to spotlight Canadian Arctic species conservation.

Using collaborative construction, our team engaged proactively with trade partners, streamlining construction processes, turning a stunning vision of pools, waterfalls, and arctic tundra into reality. This approach resulted in the breathtaking facility that is now open to visitors. 

Construction of the habitats included earthworks, below-grade utilities, self-performed concrete formwork, three below-grade pools, custom fencing, and caging, holding buildings, pathways, boulder overlook hills, landscaping, decorative gunite work, and a partially submerged viewing area with acrylic glass. 

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