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St. Gregory The Great

The St. Gregory project is being undertaken by the same IPD partners as those at St. Joseph High School in Red Deer. The validation and concept design was done in collaboration with St. Joseph allowing us to achieve maximum gains from pre-construction activities. The IPD values were set to be consistent with St. Joseph but with some modifications to accommodate the third party requirements and architectural freedom. St. Gregory has challenging site conditions and our team considered all design options to mitigate the costs associated with these conditions. The cost, however, was so significant we utilized the design options along with transparent costs to demonstrate to the client the need for increased government funding which was granted. Due to current economic conditions and the uncertainty in funding approval, we offered our client fixed-cost certainty for six months while awaiting funding approval and flexibility to start the project six months later while achieving the same completion date. Through the use of the IPD project model not only have we meet the IPD values and budget constraints, we have offered greater flexibility, cost certainty, real time decision making, and associated solutions which would not typically be achieves by a more divisional/contractual procurement route.

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