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Seafood City National Roll-Out

Seafood City is the premier Filipino supermarket chain in North America. It’s more than just a supermarket. Seafood City blends both grocery store and restaurant concepts. They strive to answer the consumer desire for high quality, ready-to-eat foods, and ready-to-heat meals. Chandos successfully collaborated with our cross country teams, trade partners, and the client to upgrade three Seafood City locations in Canada to date: Calgary, Edmonton, and Scarborough. All locations required integration of food services, hospitality services, warehouses, and distribution centres with grocery retail.

To complete this project, we leveraged the expertise of our national special services group (SSG) team. Renovations included complete demolition and rebuild of the interiors, mechanical and electrical upgrades and finishes, exterior roofing, and stucco upgrades. 

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From Alberta to Ontario, we collaborated across our districts with our trusted subtrade and Seafood City. To keep the schedule on track, communication between all three parties was crucial. This led to knowledge sharing during pre-construction, planning, execution, and closeout. We were able to learn from the experiences of the previous projects to support the execution plan for the next team.

Everyone was committed to the success of these projects, changes to the scope were embraced, and challenges were worked through on a consistent basis to achieve solutions quickly. One of those challenges was when the worldwide pandemic hit. We adapted to working and managing a project virtually by leveraging pull planning and a phased construction approach.

Each service location site was blended into one master schedule to ensure continuity of the critical path to the completion date. Utilizing tools like ViewPoint and Microsoft Teams, both the Chandos and Seafood City teams were able to review shop drawings and track progress without loss of document control. We also built out safety protocols and guidelines to work safely during COVID19. This assisted in ensuring the project continued with minimal delays.

Our ability to come to the table with local technical expertise and relationships to help solve the client’s non-construction-related challenges has led to the continual partnership.  The success of these projects can be traced back to the collaborative nature of our team, trade partners, and Seafood City. 

Our Partner Information:

Calgary trade partners- Crestview Electric, Boulder Mechanical, RVE Site Services, KBM Flooring, Snap Drywall, United Roofing, Caliber Coatings, Boulder Mechanical, Crestview Electric, Snap Drywall, Concrete Solutions

Edmonton trade partners- Ainsworth, Black &McDonald, Cox Mechanical, Bell Roofing, Big West, Milltech Millwork, Karlen Mechanical, EGM Drywall, Benks Painting, IronTech

Scarborough trade partners- O’Connor Electric, Jesscor Mechanical, Flynn, Benmar Drywall, Stonehard Flooring, Grebian Tile, Neelands Group, T Hamilton Roofing, Central Painting

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