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Mountain Equipment Co-op

This client connected to our philosophy and vision as a company and because of this, Chandos and MEC have completed two highly successful projects together. 

This retail location for MEC was inside a 40,000 sq.ft. LEED Silver new building in the Brewery District of Edmonton. The structure included a mix of structural concrete with timber frames and some structural steel. Original coordination with a neighboring contractor had to be made during pre-construction because there was no other access to the site location. Through negotiations and strong coordination, this process was seamless.

The heritage building was originally built in 1913 by Edmonton hotelier, politician and businessman William Henry Sheppard. Because of its historic nature, the structure had to be dealt with delicately.  The project involved the replacement of all floors as well as a one-by-one replacement of all beams pocketed into the load bearing masonry. In addition, complete restoration and retail renovation of the interior and exterior masonry was included and that scope of work required custom manufacturing of cornices. The mechanical and electrical systems of the building also had to be completely upgraded along with vertical transportation and life safety systems.

The building now serves as a home to not only MEC but also a microbrewery, a restaurant, and it has office space on the upper floors.

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