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Collaboration in Interior B.C.

There is a collaborative optimism in Interior British Columbia, one that is bringing together investment from government, the private sector, not-for-profit and more. 

While 2020 has created uncertainty, work is not slowing down. We specialize in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and other collaborative construction delivery methods that naturally foster efficiency and innovation. These innovative building methods optimize early engagement from all stakeholders including trade partners, architects, owners and contractors. Projects that rely on these delivery methods result in open, high-performing collaboration.

Since 2017, Chandos has been actively working in the Interior and we've seen continued growth in the communities. Heading into 2021, our goal is to continue to build lasting relationships, build with consistency, and continue to support the region's growth. Our work with the City of Kamloops was no exception. The Canada Games Aquatic Centre was the first municipal IPD project for the city. In fact, it was the first municipal IPD project in the entire province. Completed in phases, the Chandos-led IPD team helped save time and money while building a legacy-lasting pool.

The Canada Games Aquatic Centre

Our team is eager to grow collaborative construction practices within the Interior. With a commitment to designing to a budget rather than budgeting to a design, we’re confident in our ability to deliver exceptional value to clients. When we're brought in early, we come together to ensure the right checks and balances are in place, the timeline is well thought out and the needs of the client are prioritized.

“Collaborative construction is the best way to improve productivity and quality within our industry. Collaboration brings accountability and ownership - when all team members can feel valued and know they have a voice, the project benefits. I believe this trend of collaboration will continue and increase as we move forward.” Matt Kachel, Capital Projects Supervisor with City of Kamloops

SHARE Housing Initiative

A photo of housing units under construction.

Because these collaborative methods are second nature to us, many have become standard operating procedures. This includes our work on the SHARE Housing Initiative, started by the Kootenay Christian Fellowship in Nelson B.C. in 2016. After five years of effort, this project was fully funded by B.C. Housing with construction currently underway and a completion date of July 1, 2021.

This project intends to achieve Energy Step Code 4 of the new British Columbia Provincial Energy Code. During preconstruction, several challenges and risks were identified that would have an impact on the project’s schedule. Through collaboration and leveraging the technical knowledge and experience of all project team members, these issues were strategically mitigated, allowing for construction to commence with innovative strategies in place. Implementing these between all stakeholders helped bridge the budget issues and bring great trade buy-in to the project.

College of the Rockies Student Housing

An aerial shot of a housing building under construction with large green trees in the background.

Our robust history in Construction Management (CM) and experience with various post-secondary institutions across Canada led to working on the College of the Rockies student housing project in the Interior. This project includes five cottage-style buildings constructed to meet Passive House certification. It is the first multi-dwelling complex Passive House project in Canada. To be certified as a Passive House, a project must have quality design and craftsmanship, superior windows and must meet a high level for insulation and heat recovery.

“Building to meet this certification aligns with our values and our team is passionate about the completion of this project.  We have also taken great care to minimize impact to the surrounding forests. Our team worked to ensure minimal trees were disturbed and that trails were kept open throughout the build. When communities benefit, we believe that we all win.” Ian Nutley, Area Manager Kelowna, Chandos Construction

We know that it’s not just what we build, it's how we build together that makes the difference. Our expertise in Construction Management, Design-Build and general contracting has led to working on some of the Interior’s most exciting projects. We are the leaders in Integrated Project Delivery and know that it is the most collaborative building method in use today. With Interior B.C. seeing growth and continued passion to build collaboratively, we look forward to our next projects. When you build and collaborate with us, we can work together to build a better world.

Perhaps you're considering Integrated Project Delivery for your next project and want to learn more about the benefits and commitment required, or maybe you'd like to hear about some of our current projects in the Interior. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner!

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