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Celebrating excellence: our B Corp score hits 158!

We are excited to share our new B Corp score! Since joining the B Corp community in 2016, we have continuously aimed higher. In 2019, we received a score of 107.4, but we knew we could do better. During this year's recertification, guided by our values of courage, inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and our drive to lead the construction industry, we set our goal to 135. This year, we far surpassed it, receiving a score of 158! 

What is B Corp recertification? It's a recognition for businesses meeting high standards of social and environmental responsibility. Companies use their business as a force for good, caring for their workers, supporting their communities, and protecting the environment. The certification process involves a rigorous assessment evaluating various aspects such as employee treatment, community impact, and environmental impact, all of which align closely with our mission.  

Our score reflects our commitment to our vision, mission and values. Our top performance in the environment category highlights our dedication to sustainable construction. We also excelled in the worker category, showing our commitment to being a supportive and empowering workplace. In the community category, our score shows our active engagement in making positive social impacts in the communities we build in.  

Category breakdown:  

Our top three highest-scoring categories are environment, worker, and community. Here's how we did it:  


The environment category evaluates our environmental management practices and impact. Our score is due to sustainable operations and our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.  

  • Waste diversion: Our teams excel at diverting a high percentage of construction waste from landfills, significantly reducing our overall waste. 

  • Site condition policies: Many of our project teams have implemented policies for managing stormwater, controlling erosion, and protecting natural habitats during construction. 

  • Air quality monitoring: We monitor the air quality on site and go beyond what is required by law to ensure healthier communities. 


The worker category focuses on employee treatment and the work conditions. We performed well thanks to our fair labour policies, benefits, professional development opportunities, and inclusive workplace culture. 

  • Employee ownership and profit-sharing: Chandos is 100 per cent employee owned. We offer ownership opportunities and profit-sharing, so we are all responsible for our bottom line.  

  • Health care benefits: Our extended health care plan supports health and wellness for our employees. 

  • Living wage: We ensure all employees are paid a living wage, promoting financial stability and well-being.  


The community category assesses our involvement in and impact on local communities. We scored highly due to our support of local initiatives, fair practices, and contribution to economic and social well-being.  

  • Local spending: We prioritize spending within Canada to support economic growth in our communities 

  • Local purchasing and hiring policies: Our policies emphasize local purchasing and hiring, ensuring we contribute positively to our local communities.  

This achievement is not just a milestone but proof of our dedication to continuous improvement and excellence. Every employee has played a crucial role in this success both on site and in the office. Together, we will continue to lead with purpose, making a meaningful difference in our world. 

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