Kehewin Water Treatment Plant

Edmonton, Alberta

The Kehewin water treatment plant is a brand new facility incorporating ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and a UV treatment processes.

The project involves the directional drilling of two raw water intake lines in to the adjacent Kehewin Lake. The intake lines are environmentally sensitive and are being completed under strict Alberta Environment and Parks regulations and timelines. 

The Core Reservoir is another major component of the project and involves mechanical and electrical upgrades. There is also a significant amount of civil upgrades to the existing site conditions surrounding the core reservoir such as underground piping, the gravel pad and fencing. Extensive roadworks and civil earthworks are also required.

The Kehewin Band has been suffering through a lengthy boil water advisory – the water treatment plant will be the first step in delivering safe drinking water to the community. 

Since the project is located on indigenous land, community involvement was a primary concern for us. We established project needs and worked with community liaisons to secure work for locals, subcontractors and vendors.

Our goal is also to provide locals with training on how to maintain and operate treatment facilities so that their communities never have to go without clean water again.

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