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Lethbridge Research Centre

This energy retrofit was a three-phased project. All were executed through a construction management delivery method, and the first two phases were completed one-year ahead of schedule. 

Done for the Federal Government at the Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada research station - which has existed in Lethbridge for more than 100 years - this building contains research facilities and level three containment laboratories. Extensive testing and research were conducted within these laboratories on a variety of insects to further the advancement of the effects of pesticides used on crops across the country. Our team understood the consequences of these insects escaping into the outside elements, and under no circumstance would we risk exposure. Constructing within Level 4 Infection Control guidelines, our team ensured research progressed efficiently. 

The project had three major initiatives: exterior envelope upgrade, interior office renovations, exterior re-roof and forecourt redesign. The building remained fully operational during construction which required well executed phasing and coordination such as the open and closure of stairways, entrances and exits. Temporary offices were built to relocate employees while their spaces were being renovated in an effort to minimize disturbance to their working conditions. Asbestos abatement services were also required for interior and exterior demo work. 

We implemented a recycling program with a project goal of 75% but we ended up achieveing more than 83%. Air quality monitoring services were also provided to ensure that the necessary precautions were taken through demo and construction periods.

Communication between Chandos, consultants and the client were consistent and thorough. Itemized work was assigned priority and scheduling exercises became reflective of these discussions. Walk-throughs with the team were conducted throughout the project to identify potential challenges, and milestone walk-throughs to ensure a quality. This allowed for collaboration when facing adjustments whether they be financial or construction driven.

Alternatives were discussed and the pros and cons were weighed to ensure that the most feasible solution was created without compromising efficiency or quality. 

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