Sewage Transfer Station

Cochrane, Alberta

We are currently engaged in Phase One of a future wastewater transfer station to replace the existing adjacent transfer station. Phase One consists of building the underground wet wells which act as a holding facility prior to being pumped to the City for treatment. We are also carrying out mechanical and electrical upgrades to the existing facility. Significant rerouting of existing underground force mains is required to align with the new transfer station. The work also includes construction of a new chemical treatment and storage facility along with construction a new chemical treatment and storage facility. The close proximity of the Bow River required us to diligently plan to ensure there is no impact to the river. Our internal BIM and survey team are helping the team understand the complexity of the base slab and ensure the proper layout of critical elevations. Existing sanitary force mains that need to be rerouted to accommodate the new wet well construction are continuously active with all of Cochrane's wastewater. Diversion piping will be used to allow for the new services to be installed. A detailed plan will be created along with emergency procedures in the event of an incident during rerouting.

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