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Sustainable Development

Sustainability today for a better tomorrow. Because it’s not just how we build; it’s what we leave behind for future generations.


The way we build leaves lasting impacts.

What does it mean to be sustainable? It means making conscious choices for the betterment of the planet. Committing to waste diversion; changing operations that negatively impact the environment - and continuously improving processes. How we build today, affects how we live tomorrow. And that's why we have committed to being net zero by 2040.

Building Differently. Innovating for the better.

Building Envelope

Energy efficiency improvements, such as better insulation, minimizes consumption and cuts costs. We've completed dozens of envelope projects - including the Bonnie Doon Leisure Centre; and have many envelope upgrades in progress throughout each year.


Retrofitting improvements can include the installation of LED lighting, and updating doors, windows and vents to be more energy-efficient. We've completed complex projects - including the Calgary Public Building - and are working on a range of others to meet varying retrofit goals. 

Sustainable Materials

Green roofs, off-site modular builds, and mass timber are some features and materials we've included in dozens of projects around the country - including the Bayview Elementary School which will be built entirely from cross-laminated timber. 

Sustainable Standards

LEED is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership; Zero Carbon Buildings define low-carbon design and operational performance; Passive House promotes energy-efficient buildings; and WELL ensures spaces cater to peoples health and wellness. Our team are experts at building projects that meet these standards, including the LEED Gold Scenic Grande

Renewable Energy

We've completed a growing portfolio of projects that are powered by energy from renewable resources (sun, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal heat). The most noteable is Blatchford. It's energy system provides heating and cooling for all development in a 217-hectare area. 

Ecological Sites

Building near natural conservation areas requires thorough assessments, and extensive care of the area's wildlife, soil and vegetation. We have completed a range of ecological projects  - including the St. Patrick Community School - and, have many in progress. 

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Sustainable projects

We’re using innovation and technology to drive sustainable building practices. And we’re always looking for partners who can challenge us to do better.

Bayview Elementary School

Walls. Floors. Ceilings. All made from mass timber and cross laminated timber (CLT) - the primary materials used for our Bayview Elementary School project in Vancouver, BC.

Because mass timber can store and sequester carbon, it is a much more sustainable building material than concrete or steel. According to the Mass Timber Institute, using mass timber in buildings 7-15 stories tall, has almost the same effect as taking more than two million cars off the road per year.

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