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This is Chandos Construction: Our Story

We spoke to Chandos team members from across Canada and are excited to share our collective story. Starting out as a small construction company based in Edmonton, we’ve grown to become one of North America's most collaborative and innovative builders. And, when you’ve been in business for over 40 years like we have, it’s important to learn from the past while planning for the future.

We’re proud to celebrate our incredible teams, our culture, and the many milestones that have shaped our company and the construction industry over the years. By working together, we will continue to build a better world for tomorrow.

Watch the below clips or skip to the bottom to see the full video.

This is how we build on our success

The prospects for Chandos are better than they’ve ever been. We have a national footprint in seven districts, are the only certified B Corp Certified organization in the industry, and we have the leading position in Canada for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). As we continue to grow, we remain focused on collaboration and social purpose. View our latest projects

This is how we build as a team

The real work at Chandos happens on sites and in our offices all across Canada. Our teams are not only encouraged to pursue their professional passions, they’re also provided with opportunities, resources, and support to develop and grow through our employee ownership model and inclusive hiring. Learn more about working here.

This is how we build on innovation

Chandos helped pioneer the introduction of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in Canada. This collaborative construction method then created an entire industry movement. We’re proud to always be at the forefront of new ways of delivering the best product to our clients. Learn more about construction innovation.

This is how we build a better world

Inclusion, diversity, equity, and sustainability. Those aren’t just words at Chandos. Those are the principles we live by and the commitments we make. From diverting 80% of waste away from landfills last year and pushing trades to give back to our communities, we want to build a better world for tomorrow. Learn more about our B Corp Certification.

This is Chandos in one word

We asked our team: how would you describe Chandos in one word? From “team, rewarding, energetic,” their words about our culture and success inspire confidence. 

Learn more about our story

Our full story

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