Excavators working at construction site, top viewCall before you dig because nobody digs a hole that shouldn’t have been dug.

Because summertime is the busiest season for ‘New Builds’, it’s important for us to remember that it is our responsibility to “Call before you dig”. We have a legal obligation to obtain locates before breaking ground. And if you work on site during the breaking ground stage and didn’t know that, you should feel bad.

The time and money it costs to request a locate, have them arrive on site and locate buried facilities is nothing compared to the incident of a buried line getting hit. The potential for repair and injury are far too high. We are responsible for doing our due-diligence. This is an industry standard and not just a Chandos practice.

Everyone should take the time to check “As Built” drawings in conjunction with visuals checks. Visual checks can help the Chandos team detect any hazards not identified by locates.  

“Click Before You Dig” is a resource for all of Canada to help you acquire locate requests. It’s also good practice to request private locates when possible!