What If? These two words are very powerful when put in combination and they ask a question to which suggestions or answer are brought forward. Suggestions would be the proactive approach, and answers could be considered a reactive approach. So how do these words relate to safety?

Injury Report Form

When questioned in the form to create suggestions to a situation:

  • What if we do the job this way verses another way?
  • What if the tools are not right for the task?
  • What if something goes wrong

Now when asked as a result of an incident these two words can weigh on a person more than you can imagine.

  • What if we had taken another look?
  • What if we took the time to do the task safety?
  • What if I had listened to the person who had a question about my safety?
  • What if I had inspected the tools before they were use?
  • What if I had taken the time to ask how to do the task at hand?
  • What if we were better prepared?

Each day we come to work with the intent to go home in the same shape and condition as we started.  Asking “What If?” is one way to help ensure that this happens. It’s better to lose a minute in life… than to lose life in a minute.

Fatal injury in the workplace