The brain is one of most important organs in the body. It acts as the control centre. The slightest damage to any part of the brain will cause a malfunction to some area of the body.  While the skull, under normal circumstances, protects the brain, it is not enough. That’s why it is crucial to wear head protection. On a job site, the best head protection is found in the use of a hard hat.

Old used construction helmets

Hard hats provide an additional layer of protection for your brain. Did you know that the average man’s head weighs approx.. 14 pounds and the average hard hat is 14 ounces? By this math, this means that there is an ounce of protection. Hard hats are tested to withstand the impact of an eight-pound weight dropped at five feet.

The outer portion of the hat is the shell, which has a brim that extends outward around the front of the hard hat. It is suggested that the brim of a worker’s hardhat is to always be facing forward.  The brim is designed to help prevent debris from falling into your eyes and face, however more importantly the brim is there to protect your face from being wiped off your head.  The second component is the harness, which attaches to the shell to maintain the hard hat on the wearer’s head. When a force strikes a properly fitted hard hat, the force is distributed throughout the entire hard hat. It prevents the force from concentrating at one point.

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It is important to inspect a hard hat prior to each day’s use. Examine for gouges, cracks, deterioration, chalking or discolouration, flaking of the shell. Check to see that the suspension is properly attached and that the suspension straps are in good clean condition. Never modify your hardhat by drilling holes or adding items to accessorize your hardhat.  When a hard hat is damaged, replace the entire unit. And lastly, always wear a hard hat, to protect your noggin’