It’s winter and with winter comes cold and snow. Are you ready?

Dutch construction road sign in winter

Whether you work indoors or out, exposure to the cold can cause serious health problems. As the temperature dips, your risk of cold- related illnesses and health problems are often preventable. Some illnesses and health problems if left untreated can have significant consequences and even death.

How to Prevent Cold Exposure:

  • Wear layers of clothing, making use of air trapped in the layers as an insulating factor.
  • Synthetic fabrics worn next to the skin wick away sweat.
  • If the environment is wet and cold, ensure the outer layer of clothing is waterproof or water-resistant.
  • Have a change of clothing readily available.
  • Use hats or hoods to prevent heat loss from the head.

The best protection against cold-related health risks is to be aware and be prepared.  Workers should recognize the signs and symptoms of overexposure in themselves and others.  Pain in the extremities may be the first warning sign.  Anyone shivering severely should come in out of the cold.

Civil Engineers At Construction Site In Winter Season