You’ve heard it time and time again- accidents are often caused by unsafe acts or practices and unsafe conditions. 9 out of 10 accidents are the result of an unsafe act or things we do when we know better.

So if we know these unsafe acts lead to injury, why do we deliberately expose ourselves to injury every day?

We are working

The“It won’t Happen to me” mentality

Most of us are thinking about just getting the job done and we tend to rationalize the risk of getting injured. We think that we have done this job so often and nothing bad has ever happened. So, we think to ourselves, “There, nothing will happen, especially to me”. Taking that time to acknowledge the risks and avoiding complacency is key in preventing accidents. It keeps us on alert. So instead of thinking “it won’t happen to me” think “it COULD happen to me”.

We take shortcuts

Some of us are meticulous when it comes to following safety procedures, but because a job will only “take a minute” we use an unsafe method or tool. For example, not using safety glasses on because the job will only take a minute or not locking out a machine because an adjustment will only take a moment.

Dangerous accident during work


The best course of action is to avoid taking a chance in the first place. Taking even a few minutes to evaluate the job hazards around you and if you are about to perform an unsafe act- stop and think- because it COULD happen to you!