Consider this statistic: 80 out of every 100 accidents are the fault of the person involved in the incident. Unsafe acts cause four times as many accidents and injuries as unsafe conditions.  Often, incidents are caused by 7 main factors, such as:

  1. Taking shortcuts – we are always looking to save time but at what cost? Rushing can risk personal safety and others around you. While short cuts may reduce the time spent, they often result in an increased chance of injury.
  1. Being overconfident – While confidence can be a good thing, overconfidence isn’t. The “it’ll never happen to me” mentality can lead to improper procedures, tools or methods that can lead to injury.
  1. Starting a task with incomplete instructions – to do the job safely and right the first time you need complete information. Always ask for explanations if you are unclear about safety and production procedures.
  1. Poor Housekeeping - A well -maintained area sets a standard for others to follow and showcases safety and pride in your workspace.
  1. Ignoring Safety Procedures- Purposely failing to observe safety procedures can endanger you and your co workers. Being casual about safety can result in a casualty!
  1. Mental Distractions- Dropping your mental guard can pull focus away from safe work procedures, likewise if you are distracted by a friend talking or your cellphone. Don’t become a statistic because you took your eyes off a machine for “just a minute”.
  1. Failure to Pre- Plan the work – Hazard assessments can be the smartest way to figure out how to work safely and effectively. Being hasty in starting a task, or not thinking through the process can put you in harm’s way.

Worker in safety boots about to step on a nail