20 years ago, owning a cell phone was a true, expensive luxury that only a few people had. Fast forward to today and its now uncommon for most people to not have a cellphone. While cell phones have proven themselves to be a valuable asset to the construction industry, they have also proven themselves to be dangerous as well. Cell phones can be distracting especially when operating mobile equipment and around site. These distractions can lead to serious injury and even death.

Engineer is holding a Blank phone screen for Mock up application simple rule to employ on site: the use of personal cell phones is not permissible while on the job site. Cellphones should be left in the employee’s vehicle for use prior to start of shift, at a scheduled lunch break, after shift or as deemed permissible by a supervisor. Supervisors who have been issued company cell phones may use them on the job-site; however, they are reminded to use caution when doing so.  Before, answering or using a cell phone on site, ensure you are in a safe area -out of the line of fire of equipment and vehicular traffic.

Construction sites are already incredibly distracting without cellphones added to the mix- remember to put away the phone and look around- your safety depends on it.

Construction worker typing on a smartphone