Can you think of a commercial construction project that has been completed without the use hand tools or power tools? Neither could we. Maybe it’s our familiarity with them or the fact that they are such a commonplace item on the construction site that hand tool and power tool safety often gets overlooked. Hand tools and power tools present a host of potential hazards such as flying objects, electrical shock, falling objects, punctures and lacerations.

Amateur carpenter uses the power saw

You can prevent injuries from power tools and cords by taking the following precautions:

– Always inspect tools, power cords, and electrical fittings for damage prior to each use. Tag and remove defective equipment from service should it not pass your pre-use inspection

– Switch tools off before connecting to a power source

– Do not clean power tools with flammable solvents

– Test electrical tools and cords for effective grounding with a continuity tester before use

As always, while taking precautions to prevent injury, always first try to eliminate or isolate a hazard.

Just because we may be familiar with power tools and use them daily mean we can be complacent- remember to check power tools before you start working. You have the power