Safety procedures are only for the site because after all that where all the hazards are. You may think that since you work in an office that you don’t have to worry about being injured. However, offices can become dangerous because people don’t anticipate the potential hazards.

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Let’s review the situations that increase the exposure to injury and what steps we can take to prevent them:

  • Avoid walking and reading at the same time. If it is important enough to read, then stop and read it.
  • Always keep aisle ways clear. Never stack boxes or supplies in aisle ways or in front of
    egress paths. Never arrange offices with desks in front of exits.
  • Never use a chair in the place of a ladder or stool. Chairs are not reclining and can flip over.
  • Avoid placing extension cords on the floor. These are tripping hazards and can become fire
  • When you must carry files, don’t carry more than you are capable of. Use a cart or make more trips.

As always, while taking precautions in the office, the best safety practice is always to try to eliminate or isolate a hazard.

Safety isn’t just for the site… it’s for the office too.