Site safety signs construction site for health and safety, vintage style.Safety is not only about taking precautions, it’s also about taking responsibility.

If you see an unsafe situation, or even a potentially unsafe situation, don’t just walk away. Take responsibility for getting it corrected. Wherever you see something that you believe is unsafe, or could lead to an adverse incident, speak up. If it’s unsafe to actually do something about it yourself, keep others out of the unsafe zone and contact your supervisor.

In order to help promote a safety culture, Chandos employees must be aware of their surroundings. Whether on the job-site, in the office, at home, or in the car, everyone should look out for unsafe conditions.

We often run into a problem called the “by-stander effect” — a situation in which individuals do not offer help to a victim when others are present. It happens in safety; when others are present, people don’t speak up when they see unsafe conditions, because they assume someone else already has. Remove that assumption from your brain — own it when you see it.

Sharing safety concerns is not tattling. Telling coworkers and/or supervisors what you see is crucial to protecting them. It’s more of a superhero move than anything. Imagine if you saw something, didn’t report it and someone got injured.

At Chandos, we recognize that it’s critical to promote safety awareness not just within our organization, but to provide valuable information and best practices for the construction industry as a whole.